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Introducing Kaikei Solution Academy: Your Path to Mastering Web Development.

* Some courses require certain skills.
** Internship available on merit-based and availability. 

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of web development? Look no further than Kaikei Solution Academy, where we offer comprehensive courses designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving field of web development.

Why Choose Kaikei Solution Academy?

  1. Expert Instructors: Learn from industry professionals with years of experience in web development. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their expertise and guiding you every step of the way.

  2. Hands-On Learning: Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into real-world projects and practical exercises. Our hands-on approach ensures that you gain practical experience and confidence in applying your skills.

  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover everything from the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to advanced topics such as responsive design, front-end frameworks, back-end development, and SEO. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, we have a course that’s right for you.

  4. Flexible Learning Options: Choose from a variety of learning formats, including live online classes, self-paced modules, and interactive workshops. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we offer flexible options to suit your schedule and learning style.

  5. Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded learners and industry professionals who are passionate about web development. Connect with peers, share ideas, and collaborate on projects to enhance your learning experience.

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Full Stack Web Developer
Discover Website Development in 2 Weeks, Bali Style—No Coding Required, Just Paradise Progress!
Best Value Course


  • 16hr – Monday to Thursday (2hr per day)
  • 16hr – Saturday & Sunday (2hr per day)

Course Outline

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • CPanel
  • WordPress
  • Setup the Theme
  • Install Essential Plugins
  • Design The Website Using Elementor
  • Configure Email
  • Payment Integration
  • Real World Project – Developer Your E-commerce Store
  • Basic SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project: Build Your E-Commerce Store 


  • Able to create professional website without programming
  • Create Your Online Store
  • Able to bring visitors on your website

    Fees: 2.5 million IDR / 280 AUD


  • 32hr – Monday to Thursday (2hr per day)
  • 32hr – Friday to Sunday (4hr per day)

Course Outline

  • Design the beautiful templates using Bootstrap
  • Programming with JavaScript
  • Programming with jQuery
  • Vue JS
  • APIs
  • Real World Ecommerce Project – clone of Amazon.com
  • Interview Preparation


  • Able to create professional frontend website
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
  • Qualify for in-demand job titles: Front-End Developer, Vue JS Developer

    Fees: 5 million IDR / 550 AUD


  • 32hr – Monday to Thursday (2hr per day)
  • 32hr – Friday to Sunday (4hr per day)


  • Basic Skill of HTML/CSS

Course Outline

  • Programming with PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • Advance Programming with PHP
  • APIs Programminga
  • Codeigniter 4 Framework
  • WordPress
  • Real World Management Project
  • Interview Preparation


  • Able to create professional backend website
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
  • Qualify for in-demand job titles: Back-End Developer, PHP Developer, Software Engineer

    Fees: 5 million IDR / 550 AUD

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The best web development course for beginners depends on individual preferences, learning styles, and goals. However, here are some highly recommended options:

  • If you are a business person, Startup, or Student then our “2 week web development course” is best for you.
  • For professional career ambitions, you can choose a frontend or backend course depending upon your interest.

For a well-rounded understanding of web development, consider these essential courses:

  1. HTML and CSS: Learn to structure and style web pages.
  2. JavaScript: Understand client-side scripting for interactive web elements.
  3. Responsive Web Design: Master techniques for building websites that adapt to different devices.
  4. Front-End Frameworks: Explore libraries like Bootstrap or frameworks like React for efficient development.
  5. Back-End Development: Learn server-side scripting with languages like Node.js, Python, Ruby, or PHP.
  6. Databases: Gain proficiency in working with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.
  7. Version Control: Familiarize yourself with Git for managing code changes and collaboration.
  8. Web Development Tools: Use tools like text editors, command-line interfaces, and build tools for efficient development.
  9. APIs and Third-Party Services: Understand how to integrate external services and APIs into your applications.
  10. Security and Best Practices: Learn about web security, performance optimization, and industry standards for building secure and efficient web applications.

One month can provide a solid foundation in web development basics like HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, jQuery, PHP but mastery requires ongoing learning and practice.

Kaikei Academy, proudly affiliated with PT. Kaikei Solution, is renowned as the top destination for web development courses in Bali.

With our exceptional faculty, immersive learning environment, and cutting-edge curriculum, we offer unparalleled opportunities for aspiring developers to thrive.

Join us at Kaikei Academy and elevate your skills in the vibrant setting of Bali’s tech community.